macro recorder – application that saves all your keyboard shortcuts as convenient macros!
macro recorder is an excellent application, it allows you to easily record any action of your system. Use the program, and then edit the recorded macro, change its code and even use other predefined macros.
Macro Recorder is a Windows XP application that allows you to record any Windows action, and easily edit your code and use it as a new custom macro. You can easily record almost any kind of Windows action, for example, launching programs, opening files, copying files, installing software and more. You can use macros not only to repeat the same commands, but also to create macros that perform actions that may be convenient for you, for example, recording the list of your installed applications, or the directory of the files that you have recently copied or pasted.
You may save the macros you created to your disk, and load them in the next system session, thus creating your own set of “hot keys” for Windows. With the addition of new “Action” items, you can create a new set of macro commands for your tasks on your computer.
Keyboard Shortcuts recorder:
allows you to save keyboard shortcuts for any application. These are stored in the database in a convenient way, so that you can easily access them again.
Supports the following applications:
Windows XP;
Windows 2000;
Windows NT 4.0;
Windows Me;
Windows 98
Keyboard Shortcuts recorder is a perfect application if you are always in need of a quick way to access the shortcuts for the applications you use, or just need to record the keyboard shortcuts for your system.
SKSE Description:
SKSE is a system for games (Windows XP/7), the application allows you to add or remove the features of various games from the Windows system. The program is designed to be installed or uninstalled easily, and runs without problems with the ability to move the files and the registry.
Even though SKSE can be used to add features to many different games, it can easily be used to remove those annoying features of different games that no longer work in Windows XP or Windows 7. The main advantage of the program is that you can easily remove the automatic installation and updating of games, and also take the game to a full version without waiting for the next release of the game.
Key features include:
Supports all major game languages for Windows (English, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
Supports most major 84e02134c1

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KeyMACRO is a simple but extremely useful program that allows you to record data in a way that suits you. With the help of KeyMACRO, you can record numbers and dates using numbers or letters.
Count Keys – This function is useful for keeping track of the number of times a key has been used in a specified period of time. The program can count keys by name, date, time or value.
Dates and Numbers – The program can be used to record dates and numbers separately.
Manual Entry – You can enter keys or numbers by pressing a key on the keyboard.
Customization – You can easily customize the look of the program with the help of all the settings, fonts and colors.
Customizable – You can customize the program in every way that you want.
Customizable Lists – You can also save lists of numbers or names.
Combine – This function can be used for combining numbers or names.
Keywords – You can use this function to specify keywords. This function will help you to save your time when you want to record multiple numbers or names.
More Functions – You can also use the Auto-Start function to start the program without the need to open it first.
You can download the setup files of the program and run it after installing it on your computer. You can install the program on multiple computers at the same time by using the Portable version of the program. This version of the program can be installed on a memory card or a flash drive and can be transferred to any other computer on which you have a program that can run the portable version of the program.
How to Run:
If you open the program for the first time then you will be able to enter data to the program. After entering the data you can either close the program and then start it again or save the data that you have entered to a file.

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